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Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Along with the country’s second largest city, Montreal, Quebec is also the second most populated province in Canada. We also know it as the French province. It is the only province that has French as its official language, as its people are proud of the place’s French heritage and culture. To protect its French culture, heritage, language and immigration status, Quebec has a lot of strict laws and policies in order. A thousand of immigrants are attracted to Quebec every year because of its highly developed economy, great career opportunity, glimpse of a bright future, good climatic conditions and a lot a more. Quebec is North America’s emerging and evolving province in the Central zone of Canada. Quebec is a center of growing high-tech industries in Information Technology, Aerospace, and Multimedia. Quebec has the largest open economy and is ranked 37th as the largest economy in the world and 28th for the gross domestic product. The skilled worker program is the most popular PNP program in Canada. Candidates interested to immigrate in Quebec need to submit a declaration of interest to Quebec immigration. Highest-scoring candidates are invited to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). Candidates receiving an invitation then submit their completed application to the Quebec immigration ministry for a CSQ.

The provinces in Canada have been given certain rights to make their own rules and guidelines while selecting candidates for provincial nomination for Permanent Residence. In this, Quebec was the first province to have been granted with such high authority to select immigrants. Quebec Worker Program is unique in many ways. If someone has been issued a CSQ, the Quebec Selection Certificate, then they have great prospects of getting a PR Visa even if they do not meet the basic eligibility requirements to qualify for the Quebec Express Entry System. The applications of the applicants may be rejected in case the candidates fail in the medical examination or fail to pass the police clearance test which basically is a character test and obtain the certificate and clear other general admission related tests.
This program does not require people to be fluent in French and so, it is a quite popular program in the English speaking Canadian aspirants. It is designed for people who can make a lasting impact on Canada’s ever growing economy with their skills and expertise and keep it that way.

Eligibility Factors:


  • Education of a candidate should be done from a foreign recognized institution or should come under the Quebec’s list of area of training.
  • Training or diploma/degree must be awarded to the candidate within the last 5 years before he/she applies for this program.

Work Experience:
A candidate applying for Permanent Residency through the Quebec Skilled worker program requires at least a year of work experience either
full time or part time in the field your willing to apply for the job.

An applicant should be a minimum of 17 years and above on the day he/she submits the application for permanent residency visa through the 
Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Language Ability:

  • CLB 5 is mandatory in English. Anything that is less than that will not be considered.
  • Minimum points required in French learning is CLB 7

Other Mandatory Factors:

  • The age of children must be less than 22 years while migrating to Quebec
  • In starting three months sufficient financial support from family is required after migrating to Quebec
  • The score required for a single applicant is 49 points whereas for married applicant it is 57 points
  • Maintain relationship with Canadian citizen and Quebec residents
  • Quebec employer required a job offer letter
  • Spouse or Family Characteristics

Quebec Immigration Points Calculator

Quebec Highly Skilled Program provides an opportunity for the exceptionally skilled and trained foreign individuals to work and settle in Canada’s Quebec province by scoring maximum points in the factors required. The province uses ten selection factors to provide eligibility to the candidates for the Quebec Highly Skilled Program, to recognize which candidate can flourish at least once in Quebec economically. It is mandatory for a solo individual to score at least 50 points and 59 points if the candidate has a spouse or a common-law partner. This program works differently from other immigration programs. Prior to applying for CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), the candidate is required to fulfill the medical and criminal record checks. The selection factors for Quebec Highly Skilled Program are as follows:

Point Allocation for Each Selection Factor

Selection FactorPoints
AgeUp to 16 Points
EducationUp to 14 Points
Language ProficiencyUp to 14 Points
Work ExperienceUp to 14 Points
Stay & Family Relation in QuebecUp to 14 Points
Area of TrainingUp to 14 Points
Spouse or Common-law partner DescriptionUp to 17 Points
Financial Self Capability or SufficiencyUp to 14 Points
Accompanying ChildrenUp to 8 Points
Valid Job OfferUp to 10 Points

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