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Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEIPNP)

Skilled and experienced candidate having knowledge of English and French are get selected for this Class. Experience Applicant or temporary Canadian work permit visa holder can also apply for the Canadian Experience Class to gain Permanent Residency in Canada. The PEI PNP is Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program and it is Canada’s smallest province with its growing economy, it is sometimes called “the birthplace of Canada. ” It is famous for its farmland and beautiful coasts, tourism, and fishing. PEI PNP is designed to select immigrants with skills and experience. The selected through this program will receive a nomination certificate from the PEI PNP, this certificate makes them eligible to apply for the PR. The processing time of PEI PNP is considered faster than other Canadian immigration classes.

PEI PNP Express Entry This program works for the candidate registered in the Express Entry System and gets selected in the Express Entry Pool. The profile in the pool will be reviewed by the province and if it matches with the employer requirements, then he/she will receive an ITA for PR.

Business Impact Category This stream is structured for the candidates, who want to invest and run a business in the PEI. 100% Ownership This stream is for the applicant willing to invest and run the business in the PEI or want to buy an established business in the PEI. Partial Ownership This stream is structured for the applicant who wants to join hands with the business in the PEI with a minimum of 33.33% share or invest $1,000,000 in the equity of a particular business. Work Permit In this stream, if the candidate wants to invest in a PEI business on a work permit. If the candidate received approval on a work permit for working in Canada in their required field, then the candidate can start their business in PEI.

Fundamental Requirements

• Age should be in between 21 to 59 years • Minimum fund requirement is up to $600,000 for legal and legitimate sources • At least high school education is required with management skills along with employment in past • The scored require from IELTS is CLB 4, resulted in last 2 years. • Has to provide all the details about their business plans for 100% ownership of the business, with active and continuing management of the business within PEI. • To run a new or existing PEI owned or operated business it will require at least a fund of $150,000. • Have to sign an agreement on a deposit of $200,000, which will be kept by the province till the time terms of the agreement is meet

Labour Impact

Skilled Worker Stream This stream work for the skilled workers who have received a job offer from the PEI employer. As the candidate is working in skilled professionals, they must have at least a post-secondary degree/diploma and experience in the field they are applying for. Critical Worker This stream is for the selected candidate working in the semi-skilled or unskilled profession, plus for the working candidate in PEI whose employer desired to sponsor PR for them. International Graduate This is for the recent graduates of different trades from universities and colleges willing for immigration


• Candidate has a desire to get settle in PEI plus sufficient fund is required for living. • At least 2 years of degree/diploma along with 2 years of full-time work experience in the past 5 years • Candidate have to face an interview including clean legal status in a country of residence • Candidate must have work permit of PEI or a job offer letter in hand from PEI employer with NOC 0, A, B, C or D • The age of the candidate must be in between 21 to 59 years • To work in PEI, the candidate must have knowledge of English or French. • Documents should be proper and degree/diploma provided should be from recognized universities


1 Aerospace Engineering Team Leader
2 Artisan Entrepreneurs
3 Chemical Process Operators
4 Chemical Technicians
5 Diagnostic Sonographer
6 Electricians - Journeyman
7 Engine Fitters
8 Farm Entrepreneurs
9 Heavy Equipment Operators
10 I T Specialists - Minimum 3 years experience
11 Machinists
12 Machinists, CNC
13 Mechanics, Heavy Duty
14 Medical Doctors: GP’s and Specialists
15 Pipe Fitters
16 Registered Nurses
17 Research Biochemist
18 Respiratory Therapist
19 Speech Language Pathologist
20 Social Worker
21 University Professors, varying disciplines
22 Welders, Aerospace - ASME Qualified
23 Welders/Fabricators - C WB Flexcore, Tig-Wire, Stainless, Aluminum

Note 1: The skill shortage list may be changed without notice. Once an
occupation is removed from the list, no further applications will be accepted
under the Nominee Program.

Note 2: Some occupations require licensing in order to work in PEI. Specific
employment opportunities should be searched in advance of submitting your
application for processing.

Note 3: A bona fide offer of employment from a PEI employer is a requirement
for nomination of skilled workers.

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