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The Land Of Special Administrative Region

"Hong Kong people say Hong Kong needs to preserve its uniqueness. I say Hong Kong's uniqueness is in its diversity, its tolerance of different cultures... China does not want to see Hong Kong decline. I have full confidence in its future." - Jack Ma

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Hong Kong, a city and special administrative region in southern China, is one of the most densely populated places in the world. It is also the leading financial center in the world, hence a benign city for those individuals who are on the look out for growth in their financial career, or for investors and entrepreneurs. The city has the highest per capita incomes in the world. One of the two Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is a strikingly beautiful country and in Asia even as it is famous for its amazing and deep natural bay. Hong Kong is a former British colony and is one of the leading economies of the world and much targeted by the migrants from almost all over the world. This region also holds one of the highest per capita incomes across the globe adding to its unrivaled global appeal making it lucent for the immigrants.

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There are several draws under the provincial nominee program.The provincial and territorial governments have been using these programs to more effectively and efficiently welcome new comers to there region. 

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Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)

  • Entrant quota based scheme
  • Points test-either General OR Achievement
  • Applications selected in a selection exercise, assessed further by the HK Department of Immigration
  • Approval-in-Principal Letter issued for Interview in HK
  • Verification of original documents in the interview
  • Entry Visa / Work Permit granted for one year
  • No application fee chargeable upon application submission.

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