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There are several documents that an individual needs to submit at the immigration departments of the countries he is applying in. The documents that need to be submitted are listed below:-

Language Proficiency Certification:- If you plan to move to a country permanently, you must have a basic knowledge of their official language to live there. Since English is a language that is used worldwide for communication, its essential that you are fluent in it. Hence, you need documents that prove that you are capable of sustaining yourself in a foreign land as you are fluent in their official languages.

Educational Qualification:- The country that is planning to welcome you with open arms, needs to know how capable you are to give her something back in return. Thus, you need to submit your educational documents or documents that certify your educational certificates to be valid, to the immigration department of the particular country.

Personal Documents:- The most important information that you must provide the government of the country you are planning to settle in, is your details like your age, marital status, relationship with your children or common-law partners, passport, photographs etc. and thus the documents associated with these details.

Medical Certificate:- Most advanced countries often ask your medical certificates that are older than a year to ensure that you will not be bringing any infectious diseases in the country.

Police Clearance Certificate:- 
This certificate is a character certificate validating that an individual was never involved in a criminal act. The PPC is among the most important documents required by any country.

At Helpoverseas, our immigration experts make sure that your file is correct regarding the documents required to be submitted. They guide you through the process all along.
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