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Free Visa Assessment

This phase is quite critical when a person is applying for a particular visa as it ensures his chances of getting a visa approval without any perils. Every country’s Immigration Department has set standard rules for people to oblige by when applying for a visa in their country. These rules include eligibility criteria like one’s education, age, qualification, experience etc. Candidates who fulfil all these criteria, get the golden chance to migrate to their desired countries.

Our immigration experts take over at this crucial time, saving your time and effort by carefully analysing your profiles for your destinations; i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hongkong, Singapore, Denmark and the United States of America. They suggest the best visas that you should go for, based on profile. Getting this process done for yourself ensures your chances of getting your visa approved and reduce your risks of visa brushoff.

So to make sure that you do get to settle in a country that you have always dreamt of, contact Helpoverseas today!


At Helpoverseas, our immigration experts understand your need to know the whole visa process in detail. Therefore, we make sure that you are guided correctly through the process. Our experts consult you about the visas to go for, the paths to take etc., and also about the legal documents and procedures involved in the visa process.

Our consultants know that knowledge is power, and so endeavour to do our best in handing over that power of knowledge to you so that you don’t feel lost while we take care of your process.

Documentation Assistance

The most crucial aspect of your visa preparation is the filing of the right documents as the Immigration Department of every nation that has opened up its gates to foreigners and welcomes them with open arms, also follows strict guidelines regarding the validity and integrity of the documents of an individual. One of the major reasons that an individual’s visa might get retained, is the non-complaince of his documents with the given guidelines. So we at Helpoverseas, provide detailed attention to this aspect of the immigration process.
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Language Assistance

It is said that it is always better if a person knows more than one language, his mother tongue. It can have many benefits like communication becomes easier and what not.

Many countries like Canada, have a point-based system wherein they provide higher scores to candidates who know their official languages along with English, the language used worldwide for communicating. The scores are also based on how fluent an individual is in that particular language. This also ensures his survival in the country he aspires to become a permanent resident of.

Our immigration experts, at Helpoverseas, understand this well and thus help you, our clients to be well prepared in the languages proficiency so you score well in the Language Proficiency tests, like IELTS, conducted by most countries, as one of the aspects of granting PR permits to individuals who are planning to immigrate to their country.