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Canada - Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Canada always has a steady demand for immigrants throughout the year. With Federal Skilled Worker Program for Canada Immigration, the country became the most opted country for Immigrants to settle down permanently. The country has a huge influx of immigrants which makes it one of the most culturally rich and diverse countries in the world. It is one of the most favourable countries in the world for immigration and settlement. One of the reason for this, is mainly because the Canadian government exercises strict control over who enters the nation and consequently, only capable candidates get to contribute to their economy. Canada has also always been on the immigration front as it has been very efficient in identifying effective policies and moulding them as per its citizens’ interest. It invests more than any other country in the world, in immigrant-settlement services. With good public reforms, political stability, free Medicare and an excellent education system, you will keep Canada as your top priority in the list of the countries you might want to settle in. We also know that Canada has a profound economic buoyancy and diversity, its fast and simplified immigration processing, which makes it more appealing to several overseas aspirants. This is the reason the country is always on the top of the list of countries applicants want to move and permanently settle in. 

Canada is surely a land of incredible opportunities for individuals in terms of career growth, incredible work satisfaction, optimum utilisation of an individual resource, better life, satisfactory healthcare, that one will move there and settle in Canada permanently. With easy and lenient immigration policies, you just cannot miss the opportunity to settle in a place like Canada! 

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The Federal Skilled Worker Program allows the country to invite many immigrants based on their skills and ability to work and settle in the country by providing them with a Permanent Residence. It requires the candidate to have at least one year of continuous full time paid work experience. Canadian government invites the candidates based only on the information provided on their online profile through Express Entry.

Eligibility Criteria For Federal Skilled Worker program through Express Entry Program:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Language Skills
  • Arranged Employment
  • Adaptability


Age is an essential factor of the Federal Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator. If an individual applying for PR, is in the age group of 18-35 years, he/she gets the maximum points as the Canadian government prefers this age group as it is the most beneficial age group. The points an individual can get is based on his age and decreases as the applicant’s age increases. One can still apply for a Canadian PR if his score is strong based on his other factors. An applicant can achieve highest of 12 points under this factor.


A decent educational qualification is important in any field. An individual should at least be a graduate or hold a diploma to apply for the Canadian PR visa. Education is one of the basic elements of the Federal Skills Worker Program Points Calculator where an applicant can accomplish a maximum of 25 points. Candidates with higher capability can score 25 points.

*Note: To get education factor points for a foreign candidate, it is mandatory to validate that his qualification is equivalent to a certificate, diploma or degree from a Canadian educational institution. So, Federal Skilled Worker candidate with a foreign education must give an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for their foreign education to get education points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Work Experience

For an individual to score decent points in the express entry, the applicant requires that he has a minimum of three years of experience in his field. The work experience factor is one of the essential elements and if the candidate has at least 6 or more years of experience, then he/she can easily achieve 15 points in the point system. The work experience has to be under the occupations available in skill level 0, A, B of NOC Code.

Language Proficiency

Canada has two official languages, one being English and the other French. For applying for a PR Visa under the express entry system, an individual needs to be proficient in either one of the two official languges of Canada, i.e., English or French. To prove this proficiency, the candidate must produce test results of the IELTS which are only valid for two years. The candidate must also score a minimum band of 6 in the same. The higher band is equal to higher points scored in the CRS. Applicants with great language proficiency can accomplish a maximum of 28 points on Federal Skills Worker Program Points Calculator.

Arranged Employment

Although this factor isn’t compulsory, it surely is an added advantage to an individual who is applying for a Canadian PR under the Federal express entry system, if he has a prior job in Canada. One of the essential components of the point system is an Arranged Employment. The applicant may get an additional of 10 points when a Canadian employer expands a full-time permanent work in Canada to a foreign skilled worker.


Adaptability is another important factor of the Federal Skills Worker Program Points calculator.  If an individual who is the applicant, or his or her spouse, has an experience or education in Canada, it can benefit him as it will act as a value addition to his points. If you are graduated from any University in Canada, have a relative living in Canada and so on, such factors help you in accomplishing 10 points.

Benefits of Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program under the Express Entry system, as a part of the Economic Immigration programs of Canada, allows the country to invite many immigrants based on their skills and ability to work and settle in the country by providing them with a Permanent Residence. It requires the candidate to have at least one year of continuous full time paid work experience. The Federal Skilled Worker Program, a program designed by the government of Canada, is a popular program among the overseas aspirants and provides them with an option of permanent settlement in Canada on the basis of their abilities and skills. It is a point-based visa system that requires an applicant to score a minimum of at least 67 points to qualify for applying for the Permanent Residency Visa.

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