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Situated in the Nordiac country and North Europe, Denmark has proved to be one of the most prominent destinations for aspirants who are seeking career options. Over the past years, Denmark has grown immensely as the best place for immigrants who aspire to work and settle overseas. Balanced lifestyle, great work conditions and social security, the country is attracted by immigrants. Denmark is Active member of European Union (EU) and requires skilled professional across the globe. Immigration to Denmark is great opportunity for professional who desire to get an accelerating career across International borders.

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Denmark, a European Union country has seen a steady increase in immigration over the past thirty years, with the majority of new immigrants originating from non-western countries. Denmark encourages immigration of skilled workers from around the globe who have skills in short supply.

Danish Green Card

Denmark is one of the European Union’s most active members in attracting people from around the world to choose Denmark immigration. The nation has been ranked the highest in terms of income equality, the happiest and the second most peaceful place in the world. Many people opt for Denmark Immigration. There are numerous reasons which make most people choose Denmark immigration The most basic reason is that the Denmark immigration process is easiest as compared to countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Denmark’s immigration policy is flexible and invites people from all over the world to get a residence.

Danish Green Card grants you to get the residence permit to search for work or do work in the country. The Residency and Work Permit in Denmark falls under the Green Card schemes and is granted to a candidate, based on individuals score in point based evaluation system of the Danish government. The Country does not require separate Work permit, if you have been granted a residence permit under Green Card schemes. An Individual can live and work in Denmark with the residence permit under Green Card Schemes; however, the scheme does not allow for self-employment.

What are the Selection Criteria under Green Card Scheme?

Danish Green Card issuance is point based immigration system. Hence, you need to score at least 100 points aggregate based on your key profile details, i.e. Language Skills, Work Experience, Education, Adaptability, and Age to become eligible to be selected for Danish Green Card.

  • # You are free to move across all the countries of the Schengen Area without visa.
  • # You are eligible to apply for the permanent residency (PR) if in case you fulfill certain conditions.
  • # Your family members accompanying you can also live, work and study fulltime in Denmark once you are settled.

What is the duration of danish green card?

For the first time, you get the residence permit up to two years. Under Green Card Scheme, you can apply for the extension of your permit up to 3 years, before it gets expired. It can further be extended for 3 years at one go. However, the extension of your residence permit will depend upon the fact whether you have achieved the minimum salary required in past one year, although, more than one job is also acceptable for achieving the minimum income criteria.

What are the keys to success for achieving a danish green card visa?

  • # A minimum of 100 points is required for Danish Green Card scheme
  • # Qualification Eligibility- Master’s degree or higher than Masters degree
  • # Language proficiency; IELTS 6.5 Band or studied Danish as second language for 1 year of study or work.
  • # Employment in Denmark Immigration positive list
  • # Coordinate with Bonafide Immigration Consultant to get prepared for Denmark Immigration.

How to apply for the Green Card Visa?

The process is multifaceted to apply for and receive the Danish Green Card Visa. Once you are thorough with all the procedural guidelines and requisite parameters, the application can be filed generating a case Order ID. However, it is always advised to get good guidance and coordinate with Immigration Experts.

How to apply for the Green Card Visa?

The Sponsor must satisfy certain conditions listed below for Green Card Visa:

  • #• Must earn minimum DKK 50,000 in first year
  • #• Sufficient funds to meet your needs during their stay.
  • #• Sponsor must hold an official address and Health Insurance.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    Point's Calculator

    Denmark has remodeled the point's base system, now aspirants will be able to gain points under three points scoring factors such as Education qualifications, language proficiency and adaptability nature. In order to get qualified under Denmark Green Card scheme, applicants must score 100 points under the aforesaid criteria.

    Apart from scoring 100 points, you must have a valid health insurance coverage and be able to provide proof that you can support yourself and your family while you look for work in Denmark.

    Academic Qualifications

    To score points under this category, candidates must possess a degree that is comparable to that of Denmark Bachelor's degree.

    Points are allocated depending on below criteria-

    • # Bachelor's degree/Graduated from medium-length education
    • # Bachelor's degree followed by one-year Master's degree
    • # Master's degree
    • # PhD

    A maximum of 130 points can be attained in this category. Bonus points are allotted if your qualification grants you to work in a field Denmark is facing shortage of skilled professionals. Bonus points are also allotted if you have done your graduation from an authorized university.

    Language Proficiency

    To gain points under this factor, one must document that they passed a standard exam in English, Swedish, Danish, German or Norwegian language. The test scores are valid for Two years to apply for this category of Visa.

    In case of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian languages, specific criteria will be followed to allot points and for English or German languages, points will be evaluated under different criteria. However, points will be awarded only for one Scandinavian language either English or German.

    Nature Of Adaptibilty

    Applicants with specified qualifications or work experience that is related to EU/EEA or Switzerland will be granted points (Maximum 15 points will be awarded for either education or work experience) as this allows an applicant to adapt to Danish Labor Market at faster pace.

    Denmark Student Visa

    With Magnificent environment, low crime rate, and effective public health services, Denmark has become a top-notch destination for number of overseas individuals. In the past few years, the number of people migrating to Denmark has been increasing steep because of key factors such as education, business, employment, etc.

    Being a democratic country, Denmark has been welcoming a number of overseas individuals to come and boost individual's career and at the same time contribute to the economy.


    Many individuals desire to study abroad with an intention to explore better career opportunities or to improve the knowledge with better education. Such individuals can choose Denmark to lay better path for excellent secured career. In recent days, studying in Denmark is an irresistible prospect for several international students.

    The Country, education Institutions encourages international students, researchers and teachers and offers excellent and equal educational opportunities to all the students irrespective of their nationality. Thus, the trend to study in Denmark has increased steeply. Overseas individuals hold a Denmark Student visa, which is a short term visa in order to take up any program and avail education till the period of education completion.

    Benifits Of Student Visa

    1. Happiest and safest country across the Globe
    2. Opportunities for vocational training Exchange programs
    3. World class Danish education system Internationally oriented programs
    4. Visa holder can work while studying in Denmark

    1. Highest level of income equality across the globe and Opportunities for financial assistance
    2. Friendly people and culture
    3. Worldwide recognition for Danish degree, academic programs, Summer schools and Short term programs
    4. Livability, Access to travel

    Documents Required for Student Visa

    Aspirants who would like to obtain this category of Visa must abide by the requirement criteria and produce necessary documents for embassy. However, the requirements may vary depending on the nationality. Some of the major documents required are:

    1. Valid passport
    2. Recent photographs
    3. Proof of admission in Denmark university
    4. proof of sufficient funds

    How HelpOverseas can help you to get Denmark Green Card?

    We at HelpOverseas assist you with all necessary assessments required as per Danish Government. Our Experts and Team of Counsellors initiates profile screening and provides transparent information for suitability of the profile. For any further query or consultation in this regard you can directly call the Danish Visa Experts at HelpOverseas.

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